Japanese Tesla Model S EU/NZ Charger Conversion - US Tesla Plug to Type 2

Japanese Tesla Model S EU/NZ Charger Conversion - US Tesla Plug to Type 2

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Japanese Tesla Model S EU/NZ Charger Conversion

We offer conversions of Japanese Tesla Model S from the factory fitted "US Tesla Plug" to the “Type 2” plug that is standard on NZ new Tesla Model S and widely supported in New Zealand.

Upgrading to the Type 2 plug is a huge advantage as it unlocks the ability to plug in to any charging station with a Type 2 connector-including Tesla Superchargers & ‘destination chargers’. This means charging speeds up to 22kW on Type 2 & over 100kW on Superchargers.

The “US Tesla Plug” is not compatible with any New Zealand chargers without awkward adapters. It is not compatible with New Zealand Superchargers at all.

This conversion is carried out using only Genuine Tesla parts appropriate to the generation of Tesla Model S that they are fitted into.

Customers who have had this conversion have been extremely pleased with the final results. They enjoy the long distance rapid charging driving abilities the vehicle was designed for.

This conversion does not guarantee Supercharging which is at Tesla’s discretion & depends on the individual vehicle. To date 100% of our conversions are successfully Supercharging.

Be sure to check out our "Full Japanese Tesla Model S to EU/NZ conversion package" including Navigation and Radio corrections. After the full conversion you will have the ability to enjoy all the onboard vehicle features of ab NZ New Tesla.

Do you have a Model X or Model 3 that requires work?

Although we have not started working on Tesla Model X or 3 we do expect some of our Model S experience to cross over to other Tesla models. Please let us know your problem and we will try to offer you a solution.

Please get in touch with any questions.